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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

bear crayon dream

truly the fish breaks on the bear in your invisible chalet
because your inner monologue is heavy with spa piss
in the pool

the quotes become awake, there is a jerk swarming
we are thunder, public humor, deep thoughts, 18 birds
can't lassie look like something

dancing winter, go drink crayons, u are a natural thinker
deep be the page; the art vampire is fierce, we do what
we want to do

it isn't a quiet contest of catfish bear; we are superficial
novels, animals, we try do drink six germans, bless our
hearts, fat georgia is painful, u sell ice that is too blue

unwrap your lizard notes underwater in africa
she burns but not a woman tonight
there are stupid reasons to pretend
you're a page

something in the past blocked it
we're fascinating, that u grin in
cambridge in your cardboard coat

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