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Humboldt County, California, United States
Donna Kuhn is a poet, author, dancer, visual and video artist.

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Poetry Publications

Donna Kuhn is the author of nine poetry books and chapbooks. She has published over 400 poems plus visual art, visual poetry and sound text poetry in national and international journals both in in print and online.  Please see the book list on my blog.


Venus Envy, As/If, Spidertale Anthology, Unarmed, Lost and Found Times, Mesechabe, Over the Transom, nrg 28, Spill, Poetry Motel, Poetry New York, Santa Clara Review, Red Dirt, Fuel, First Leaves, Two Twenty Four Poetry Quarterly, Sacred River, The Dickens/Copperfields Review, Sonoma State Star, Kenning Review, Dallas Review, The Minotaur, Chinquapin, Sonoma Review, Dial-A-Poem, Poesy,The Silverblack Journal, The Doula, The Minotaur, Skywriters, Pudding Magazine, Graffit,Tomcat Review, Womens Voices, Womens Network News, American Poetry Association, Porter Gulch Review, Yearbook Of Modern Poetry, The Poet, Voices International, Forms, The Program, Tempus, asspants, Sonoma Mandala, Juxta, Spadra, Churn, Gypsy, High Horse Poetry, Gestalten, The Moon, Ambit, Raphsoidia,The Filling Station, Monkey Kettle, Spore, Wire Sandwich, The Program, Laughing Unicorn


Poetic Inhalation, Generator Press, Poethia, Inter/Face Magazine, Ten Thousand Monkeys, 5-Trope, Pettycoat Relaxer, The Breath E-Zine (featured poet), Muse Apprentice Guild, Spacebreather, Blackbox, XStream, Unlikely Stories, Big Bridge, Black Medina, Zygote in My Coffee, Moria, sidereality, Eratio, Aught, Word Riot, James River Poetry Review, Tamaphyr Mountain Poetry, Poetry SuperHighway (featured poet), Tin Lustre Mobile (featured poet), Meeting of the Minds Journal, Red Coral, Brutal Imagination, Mi Po, Rattapallax/Fusebox, Paper Tiger Media (cd rom), Onyx, Sendecki, Naked Poetry,Double Dare Press (featured poet), can we have our ball back, High Horse Poetry, Poetry Repair Shop, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Pig Iron Malt, Kung Fu, Latchkey, Wired Hearts, Wicked Alice, Dicey Brown, The Poetry Victims,Split Shot, Wieldy, The Moon, Real Eight Review, Ligature, Muses Review, Malleable Jungle, Esther Press, Apocryphal Text, Lit Vision, Argotist Online, P.F.S. Post, Thieves Jargon, Starfish, Coconut, Edifice Wrecked, Zafusy, Otolith, Hutt, Cannibal, Poetry Kessel-Lo Poezie, Arsonism, The Bohemian Poet