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Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Dangerous Pillows"


rip-roaring rod, fiction stick, erotic spit
the bread jumps, lodginghouse bumbilation
pension booming, rat-a-tat rooms

suite rub-a-dub, commodious clangor
turn, turn over, whirl perch, rest in a bowl
yaw as a ship stem, peach crinkle

stroke the wrong way, chap; incomplete gig
windmill of the sea or the weather
as the hardness thumbs etc.

decomposed singing, casanova spheroidicity
thereabouts in round eyelet, big shot
chief tempestuous wind, unrefined head

aga or destruction, chief vandalize harm
the circumference was rubbery
the elastic jumped, gossip ruptured

donna kuhn 2005

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