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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Mouth Gift"


caraway carcinoma, bread crab
large grasshopper traveling in word
same bad logic sings the lodestar
which one, stream

who lives in speaking, upper theory loin, hindquarters
the lower abdomen is regarded as felled tree
the end in a theater box, mezzanine
section lonely, feeling unfrequented

there is a christmas song sing

two ride on a streetcar of cargo neck

carnage went south to carpool
to use thier sensual carnality

carnally carport, baby buggy beetle, paper or rifle

chemical teeth, science of this

a tree has a resort hotel within
paying guest come to rest
rented meaning

the space below beef, the hips are elevated

remove the lollipop
tongue plus of aimless hybrid

noisy drinking sea party
bells and profit

unsettle flesh, carnal carpeting
worldy cars in rotation and revelry

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