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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Other Times

Other Times


hold onto that bible clutter
someone loves all the horse althletics

dramas not my coal to the boiling point
a set of rules, my wooden bible feet
are an alliance system in the kitchen

refinement for both men dominate

the horses are having a breakdown together
repair shoes, someone loves a cobweb
stick trees in your ear

someone likes the horses and the cockpit

kernels of feet, u are not my insect larvae
u cook just your bible feet

your eyes are below, go to the coalition
with a set of co-education, youre not
my wooden trees leacking educational women

horses are tired at the coast
a land to sea with force
i need my bible coat

their wooden feet persuaded by coffee

the trees are swan beans in the kitchen
i put my hand not on the whole truth
a venomous moon

too bright snake horses
spun into a web to live as holes


in my eyes, the tube of your mammals are there.

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