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Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Photograph U"


he has no bird in every direction
bad gang octopus chapel colorado
and react changing like u want

to take those trees, he's a whale
i say, beautiful in every utah
utah through arizona

chapel bird, maybe u shouldnt
she's been to colorado
he reacts like theres newspapers

all over the river or floor
the lake is little signals or dolls
i wish i could give him the money to fly

very cutting, someone has a hard life
i wish he reacts like he has no bird
he reacts like he has no river or lake

i wish it was beautiful
he can only afford to hitchike
she says no matter where u look

its beautiful in every direction
its not red cliffs and u take a vacation
and youre an octopus and u react

its not salt lake, its some kind of waterbug
not the kind that freaks u out on the bathroom floor
it looks like a whale, u drove thru colorado once

donna kuhn 2005

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