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Friday, November 11, 2005



random trains are still in bed with your wooden feet
your eyes walk aimlessly, your eyes have an odor

smell or taste the spine, is a mammal rambunctious?
through every part of a broken blond

your eyes are in the spine ramp
i tell him come control your wild actions

living is messy, she is going to clean barrels
its a rite of passage, falling: i dont even like rape

will she have enough water or maintenance
safe resentment property, a broken blond

without a purpose, the spine is a mammal
that has r and r and is engrossed

it says ring ecstasy mammal
your eyes are cooking

rare in the middle, bring it to kinkos
where animals graze fully cooked

u don't give a shit, a dish u dont even believe
u order a fire rebellion prime rib

and one for my razor's sharp-edged uprising
u get mad at beards of authority

i can't breathe your reversed back
your eyes are a rebuff

i look at your motto bank condition sharply
to reprimand a landscape, it had gold grass

a diver is not a mammal to return the trees
in cities or the meaning of a thing

we can't not receive to take wanting
where is the remote consideration

where is the remote raspberry
i wish u'd go away like a remote

red or black sound, we're not landscapes
in color, raunchy trees in cities

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