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Friday, December 02, 2005

"Brillo Face"


crazy, a whipped quiet screams
carnage, u should stop
u look like a boot

activity telephone church
because thats edible
the afterlife should
turn orange and go

a large prison u equal bones

to store food in the calm of carbohydrates
dolls who want filled with a girl cease
the room likes the bargains

she's a calamity, a subtitle

dolls who want it marry gently

fighting someones carnival, who's vegetable cessation
she's pinned to the wall to ambush someone

grandpa is babbling, grandpa hands a military aircraft

to a whipped castle
the act room, a small room

giving up a subtitle pinned to teeth someone

edgy to be the earnest part of truth
dolls who prison
like the house i live in is a domestic formation

his eyes babbling the lower to dream
if u says four pecks, the house being strange
i think his mind hand

with sound mind babbling
dream out the musical door
another category in cartilage

he says four snakes pinned to motion slower
than mind holds fire to stop

to be nothing but an orange catastrophe

practically drooling, the door, heavenly
the room, small snake bones
be departing, he in his eyes

his touch cerebellum

to the lady who pushes my table with vegetables in the u look

like the measurement

hold the bushmaster
found screams
occupation, the house with other sweaters
his mind is babbling, a lady

the afterlife is decree in a tower
go form one place and sieze my measurement
filled girl cant tower

i see quiet catastrophe if u dont like ceasing
captive wall cow, he's edible but tuned
i think youre of a force

occupation, the house he holds in his hand
an amusement root vegetable disaster

with a cellar of disappointment

u look like a scream, calm carbohydrates
holds one echo and holds his
with fire to stop the brain

someones carnival

breathes song

of addresses, some lady one place and sieze

pinned to a venomous ambush
go form large teeth

songs some lady says ceasing to my sweater
chagrin he is of the others and of a starfish
thats edgy to ecology

a guy picks a marry to the truth
dolls root and the bargains, she's heavenly

he lives and pecks
a family thing, he house a boot

the domestic afterlife someone echoes

with sound if u breathe giving up
rights or something, the afterlife ecology mouth
in a castle, cerebellum afterlife
musical room

a cellar of my in something

someones edible stalk runs out

cow full star if his eyes look crazy

donna kuhn 2005

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