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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

i was rain in his quilt


being a peach, a scallop with no savage edge
a stairway twice, animal sounds of horse
wide to feel the rain

being mental in the time of land

chew the hermit weasel
dont leave something glossy
horses of wrongdoing

burst without a christian moral
swimming in his pants

bodily fee, burst from prison
resentment function rains

slow-witted for equal paid diplomatic hill
edge of any sand
drunk on sand especially

the stairway rises
christ is little and has a persons type of values

swallow your organic brain
green resentment funtions in the not city

wife lava, foliage indefinite
swampy type of informal difficulty

shoulder the hermit weasel
gospel fur officer tame
scholarly duke of fur with river corps

fair mens artifical scallops
chew the organic teeth
artificial bomb forever

the prison removes the edge
and is some paid forth

donna kuhn 2005

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