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Friday, January 27, 2006

Laughing Moon (for Lena)


u subscribe to slipping into indigo
papaya robotics, your blog is a chinese hand

your onions collapse and bend e-mail
a chorus of flowers in your mouth

your room is an incision of newspapers
left-handed snow feel the burnt wings
see the tv dream across death

his porno is complete with a heart, enter the world
corduroy is blinking like a shore
your little kuwait is hunched

your dogs are verbs, your birds are links

dishwasher aardvarks in your january canvas
try growling at the weather
bella has a horse crisis

youre the hot dog
mother is dripping in the salmon cabinet
rent your munches a foot

falling up bird in fruit ecastasy
u never get it

bulging october bohemian
your teeth were in tears

airconditoned teeth
fish whisper
funeral meat

europe is sensitive
complain to your rodent

youve offended the mountains
and the causcasian in bella

boaters are an empty cube to teeth fictions
your kidney is green here
im concerned with your human airline

dial the bones of mr january
skis of childhood run like hunched fire
baby had brain music

bang my head against experience
photosenstive orphans in amazed lanterns
twisting bird paper dark like rain

salmon moon, the cats were updated
my ear is in texas, your seacoast face

mouth sleeps in the wind
the strawberry was disjointed
the snow was urban

god was purple and lazy
your baby is a tricky adult with sirens
dude, notify the humans

this is a lousy playground
scold your branch libido
acute rodents filled with digital mercy

a mammogram seethes in lace
your work rabbits are naive
objectionable animals sense

donna kuhn 2006

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