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Thursday, March 09, 2006



i sing each cold apricot harbor at the bandaid bakery with the deep timetable
black toilet shrimp on the already train, next
miss baggage with beauty's lettuce

doubting yesterdays hygiene
snow in the window of a one-way nation
in austria's lips you are bacon

what's the matter, the trains are leather

listen, send the thief blue

checkmate, celery plays his deep animal daughter

enough sky, cigarette eyelash hair
beauty you leave him with toilet shrimp

dream a drinkable used up mailman in the moon bowl
hunger in the beautiful weather suburb
sorry youre under the overseas margarine
below the hamburger hotel

float in your eyes, dry clean your hair
the supermarket is suede, im bleeding a trout bone
i forbid no spitting, no falling polite

guava racetrack
beauty, dont bother me

undress, reverse the charge

rubber eyeliner rents your sedatives again

ashtray asparagus, the bird overheats
wake up to pencil combat in the ocean
drinkable eyes sew yesterdays hygiene

black snow on a deformed street, dont bother me

society of eyedrops, dont be stupid
the lake is bleeding
know your enamel fish
undress the nylon goose
valves of deep animal

break down in your lentils

i am american, my ash tray is round
i clean the danger

american thirsty camera

those boys in the mechanical bacon
bad window train out
october shame laxative

a short trip to the moon, your undershirt sings
what's love;difficult, on sunday; it's necessary?

heal your asparagus coconut ocean, im driving overseas

pencil dreamy drip drop
cut off your love

the road of loss danced in its hand
black snow, twisted road tightens

margarine steering wheel
affluent in your red sprained
not god headlights

mr. rossi, how beneath, over, above

dont bother me with rocks of loss

guava interruption underneath the time timetable

once more, the snow is sad for being
june cleans the bone
clean the bone lake

no hazel nut architecture
agriculture and agricultural loss
i dance it well

mustard without squid
the wrong dream of squid curves
it seems to be trout make-up

donna kuhn 2006

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