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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fire Within


my god, acquisition means to strike the face of internal girls
i mean the size destroyed, please the corn which is blown up
a god by the markings the horse collects

which are not sobers devil of the bird
with the interlocking eyes, my eyes
with the baby the bird draws u in

which knows the horse of psycho
the pure dog of the baby
of the otter, the fact that i'm

inside ingrids eyes, the corn mass
rough to the taste impact, my thin savages
why not? a white god of the fish of chanukah

the wolves taste the abundance of the song
of the floor of the kitchen, im in the eyes skies

postpone, excuse me, which are my external eyes
the team of employees sing in round the crocodile
projectile please, catch my eyes

my my, eyes of corn pulp
my babys external eyes
slavic stopping my bugs

which which

donna kuhn 2006

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