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Monday, May 15, 2006

Is This Yours?


like wild guns it shifts towards a jealous extent
torn u this writing here, antibiotics are an excuse
of not bird-deadly for labels and lawns
think howling does it and planes
bending its sky

it moves if my howling, the morning blam
excuse me, horses inside a moon felt
your dancer

i said i cant do etiquette

wild aversion, pretty green

i buried my eye, sir; move
now my cabin surface is everyones moon
im me unfolding u green
my face is impressive either

not pretense, widow of starbucks dip u
who was broken blam, blue guitar permutes

roll around eyes
your moon is an excuse to think
that dreaming my blue eyes not

your apology is blue-free
blue shift the wife, go sir, the clouds jealous one

always bird mortals felt about u

the fewer of me, u horse
that bird-mortal

always underwater

a certain extent sleeps
my underwater excuse egg
and my clouds

scratch blue guitars violently pretty by sky
i move to sky

blam machine company

no cup to form something green

blam something thru here

bird-mortal bending
one my broken dancer
movement has a moon like a dancer
mr. wild guns been here
mr. hatred
u and me moves itself, breathe

the blue chinese house thinks your eyes burn, a train permutes
sleep my pleasant shifts, something stripes a horse
not an honor

u maintained medium eyes, escape

a chinese pretense

nonfuturistic highway, violent moon sleeps
the tea is slow
the surprise is other elephants swim

my that unfolding bird death
receive wife aura
left slope green moon, destroy and astonished
excuse u, average not light
a horse and its green talk
the old chinese mower
how move the morning
no cup is an version to dreams

awareness sham
get your guitar face or do u have simply

i like the eye for an excuse, sir

u would cry in the fuselage
the eye blam paid for my hats
kill the house writing this

my aversion guitar largely rolls around the impact
roll mainly around not

donna kuhn 2006

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