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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red and Green Dancer (altered video still)


love is the answer for beautiful people
love is deep, love is the future
farewell, it's a killer application

love is pudding, love is inserted worldwide
love is business and finance, love is a four letter word
love is a chemical, love is worse than the pudding

love is deep, love is hard
love is where love is
love is business and layers of love

love is far from this conference
love is here, love is in the cards sometimes
we have your application

love is in 1967 without the lottery
love is the truth, love is farewell
its far worse than the answer

for beautiful people, love is a melody
a good laugh, check it out; love is a canvas
love is dead; check it out, its a biblical function

love is the truth, love is a stranger
love is the lottery, love is worse than the future
there it is, documents and layers

it's a certain demon, it is 10 berries
love is e-cards if u think we'd like to
be happy and dating deep

donna kuhn 2007

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