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Friday, March 23, 2007

Pebbles (manipulated video still)


i love these birds against a chief
the wind is birds
the doll is her
i love my harvard education
which is a fist

u wasted, u refuse to drive the truck

the truck is commerce
poor white chicken
it's a drive-in conductor
u play chicken croquettes
harvard garbage trucks
make me so angry

the doll which is a bicycle
makes these dirty seconds

hostile human business
my church, mathematics
birds, taxes, high school
i am most ungrateful

my human is less than meat
the trucks shout with garbage
really shaking her entire cake

this is a customer
he is not her

we will be american theater
i love theater living

now i am the grass
found the wife who helps
white trash

im settling for me

this situation is a cake baking thing

these insulting things that tax her
they are less than night very over here

the meat of the fist of birds

im not missouri
polish my yo

this is a baking thing that really shakes u
it makes your bicycle waste my time

she feels birds
she is not your cake baking birds
i've lost her, shout it in church

i am so a troubled thing

stay tuned if

donna kuhn 2007

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