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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Narrow Girl (digital print)


he says step on jesus, someone's hands, someone's room
someone wants his words like a star, lung cancer in my backpack
donna, we haven't the need for a woman; don't fix me, i tell him
u've left dreams, aeronautic flims, teeth, a woman's lies

that woman u face in order to swim, she's ruining his teeth
donna, you're not listening; i'm a man who smokes and does
breathing exercises, i don't know why, i can't find the stairs

tinkerbell is a staircase, come fold this film, this bird
it is disgusted, i can't find my zebra, the bird is really
not mine, it isn't easy but i leave my number
something sounds like another generation
in my teeth, the human mind is really really
really a bird

turn turn turn it down, u dream you're breathing on this stairway

carbon oceans on the plate
the institute for theoretical
corn cake

my room runs away

a bird is not really dead stars
you can die in my face

inform the dream it dreams u

dream the bird swims

everyone thinks i have hands

donna kuhn 2007

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