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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Outside of Think

question a fig, you're buried in me
the lord's moon lied and the forest
sings a christian song

u look like polyurethane coffee
nourish your meatball stars, clue me in
your lanterns under the human garlic moon
iTunes comes and goes in your eyes

christ is the emperor of the grape-flavored wolverine

i am smoking your platelets
i am smoking your eyes
outside of time, outside
of think

christ gets his winnies wanked in your rayon powerpoint presentations

dead moon/crack in

nourish your sarcastic yes furnace
the crowd does breathing exercises
for u

wanked, he dorms her and cuts off her head
thoughtless spandex televangelist in the studio
for rain always in display mode under stars
fiancees increasing in wifeless seesaws
loveless gangplank sheep in your

christmas flexes it's mystic babysitter
rain in his sweater, fiancees in your
noncancerous doorjambs

lose the cocaine lemonade if it troubles u

christ is a university man
he smokes your teeth
it sounds like money

babysit your little get in
draw inhuman bellhops

christmas is sleeping in a parapelegic astronaut village

blue her these, it cuts
christ is not thought out

get out, blue scribbling, seeing seesaws babysitting your mint
do u think i'm not human under the chickpea mezzo moon

the flinstones, they are a thing, they live in the smog under the mononucleosis sky


Anonymous said...

Wow this ones really great!!!!

Donna Kuhn said...

thanks, anonymous