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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

his skin is nobody

his skin is nobody if u remove all the trees from that country, incapably flavored
the stained glass was kidding, a dream or hope riot, insects are blue so small
before merchandise, i am blue, very girl with cheese and crackers

roses don't belong there, i am looking not so tiny asleep in your bed
i don't want to talk to u; she can back torch and burn the office that
dreams i am thru with life too, u can't see the forest for the flashlight

fudamental ham halo iced in this burn, pardon the flashlight
pardon the crowds, a dream or that dream, insects are blue
and they have a life too; the hostages said i hum

lightning or insects, very sewing by can't, mia's uproar
assasinate the stained crowds, pardon the stream
talk to the chaser, i dream come true, i dream he
was this, any other body, green chama valley
as him

u should get out more, c a fit of the skin
his skin is nobody and u shoot thru

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