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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lyrics for too many hands

i want to care about your tainted toes

untitled, u go to the attic, the sandwich
orchestra where her cinema looks
economic; they dont remember or
care so foot a no think

i like it real; mia, your mind
whatever the bathroom is
very lyrics in my coffee

autumn lets u, my economic broken
in the back of your voice, your bible
father didnt comic your parked orchestra
who split, i dont yield to the section

wallys dream sang i dont filled
across the dirty, u split the sounds
down your mind

the cups are whistling i'm strong

autumn is missing

u reported that to the industry

an injured hand

the dept. of bored wants u to wait in the dream barking
filled with tuna, mia is asking me in the dept. of permanent
house; love wants tuna in your chant, be a saint, broken
with a large mouth

i dream things are too loud for the voice

the army is across cups that wouldnt want your mouth

u installed u, i dont color across the dangerous sandwich in the same city
i wouldnt want your want, your toes are reported not to drink

with your lyrics for too many hands, u will be bored at rehab
moon makes coffee slang so bulldozer all the bibles
if my cracker hid firmly

this, this is new zealand in dolphin think
love always is a backpack, is your head
is a chant

i dont drink the back of your very large mouth

u are your death, my not stated silence
the army is acting like a where she is
fathers jello thing, i'm sung with how

ask my dangerous very burnished municipality with a flat-bottomed reactor somewhere

if i were trying your lyrics i'd bite my bible, the same city, it doesnt make me think

u are so unable to be like anything

go polish your very false porcelain place

i like my economic chant to spout out

i am down your mind, your voice

the army of back pain down your mind

blue me something that is missing

go dream me something harmful

i dont yield, i see its harmful

this is your dangerous sandwich

back pain will show u titled down on your parked dreams, how

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, we definitely in cut-up dreamfield here. energy holds the leaping, striking lines, inside and out, I mean, of each other. I like mucho.