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Sunday, February 08, 2009

nobody is pulling your how to

i dont live here if the union crumbles
nobody is pulling your how to

u are a grassy plain, u are currently plain

seatbelt people on tv, u are currently signed in as nobody

long for me, meet me on that plain, annoying far-eyed wyoming
nobody owns nothin, think of it as a seatbelt, u miss your car

u miss annoying me

nobody stays flashing their
sometimes the lunatic is late

u are late, someone else is paying attention to the green grass in my goal
someone else's honorarium, someone safe from nobody

someone else is going to take my mind

nobody peeps out of the plains
nobody is at your help desk

u are a small speck of blue
u reduce me to a hate crime

nobody drinks from your goal
nobody is running thru me

nobody is fringe

another womans bird

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