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Monday, May 04, 2009

frozen beets

the doorway is empty and your hair

you sound like weird cheese

the pastel whispers frozen beets

mountain rain and soon you're lost

you're my inner whir

you're my inner carburetor

waste water asterisks believed

in world interests, the world is


an accountant with an inner ankle

i don't want your door knobs

dust my inner says

dust my inner word

the moon is snotty cricket music

god is a whore and your head is thirsty clouds

purr when you're on fire with weird cheese

this is inner, this is inner city living

ox aerobics, baby on fire

love sings a contagious short story

while directing traffic on the moon

1 comment:

Biknoko said...

hehe i love these. do you do these while on drugs?