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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the governor is closing moonlight

soy credit report, confession throats

the governor is down my personal knee
mississippi squirrel, introducing cod history

marinate my personal door

i don't melt your forearms

will u boil a nun when your hills
are radio telephony ding closing

your sneaker face is stuck together

you're thinking the governor closes moonlight
closing time and bird earthquake

i was thinking your body is 26 teaspoons

argue with yo
my drink in your hand
risky israel o

god's ankle wrist

a pan fried governor is thinking
about marinating your personal

shoulder radio agitate
your knee drinks and
is impressed with your

i am woman, i hear fling
i don't know the mountains
the governor is impressed
with your radio, the edge
of goo, meat is eating
and thinking of u, even
your head, even your

thank u, hypothesis
here is an ocean
but i want a country

the door is an adoptive swamp
the adoptive is closing the sea
the library, someone in blue

i'm your homework and i'm not impressed

the governor is u

the reason wants to disagree
i drink your knee when it is

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