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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

u can't realize that u make a song

u cant realize that u make a song

it happens like the moon

her overreaching peach

always said

i drove that

i like that

then another

all the summer that could ever over

where is the new me

the listening grew up


are u stuck in my need in the form of a salmon run

i was determined to go bowling

who created the man who is going to

wander into the frame like a dark hole

pieces, pieces

i fell in love for $400, it's a pretty good deal

until your arms get tired

people give me dirty looks

because i am annoying


i can't slow down so get out of my way

one frame at a time

this was my first impression of you

it's all very amusing, i dont think so

are u sure it was me?

hand and brush, i was grieving

stop motion, stop motion

human excess

my daughter is a toolbox


so beautiful has a cost who means business

years later it was sunday, july 5

2:13 pm stuff, i will not leave my

belt destructive, stop giving

birth to new mexico perhaps

death is a free plug-in

at 1:42 her company answered sure it was

he posts his rattles

personal and global and so what

i suppose my snow is silent

like the moon to me

and u know me so fast

and its stop motion

no, i lied

i always push and i can't deal with good stuff

-donna kuhn and jan edward vogels

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