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Friday, March 02, 2012

i am staying at the you don't care motel

i'm 6, i don't have to go to a work


i am advised against being against things

my wild google parathyroid; my computer

yelps when i have no money

i'm not evil, i'm not mad

i come up de-pressurized

and i'm her laundry

my antennas are live

you're the purse

you're the moon

one-way, i will go to france

when i'm on fire, he says he

visits mother earth in some

girls mind

i want to be crowded there

with a blonde girl named

i lost my hippopotamus

i don't care if las vegas is a synopsis

my iphone knows i'm half way impatient

i will camp at planning services

and i will stay in my car and

plan an idea blog

yo, tiger, i got your tongue

u want wildlife, u want

cabins; guests with dignity

stay here

sleep doesn't want me

i commute with batman

and sharp knives

i am a carpet and i walk and

i stand by the recommended


the window feels like it goes to u

and u are something swept down

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