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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bugs on the Computer


many doors are drunk for the lady windows
the human problem in him where the dream
of u looks at me, u dream human head brain
u think that the dream ear of u is windows

we have man free brains too
we must always be the nursemaid
in the windows, my ear hopes
the woman sleeps pink windows
in my ear, drunk with windows
madame windows, pink ballet
short skirt u open, youre the mornings
sidewalk, stops my brain, u likely windows

the adoptive holidays are cordial
pink window of woman
windows and windows

my ear sleeps, the woman is stuck
u are pink windows, the brain is not
a word, mrs. von windows and windows
are always convinced, ballets of pink

he is in uniform for the brain that drinks the ear
of words, infancy windows, windows in order
not to think, the white man never opens
color rose my ear, drink the woman

this is not the word that drinks
the woman, this is finally u

this is not a word of drinks
the brain of ballet
we always create the interior

donna kuhn 2006

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