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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Filled With Architecture (video still)


avoid constellations hinged to the sienna
sewing siesta, afternoon machine
shuttlecock sieve, network or cork

separate stuck in it, awkward
in sigh, utter a long audible breath
employer herpes shopwalker

who directs the shinto, the way
of the booth gods, put on your
uncertain and send in a ship

act like a ship with short trousers
ships open at the knee, rich cookie
made with a shirk, duty and whipped cream

the upper part of deviation
the upper part of resistance
take a shortcut to the body
defect shiver shatter

writing into pieces, short waves of fear
shallow school, film of fish, shocking arm
haggy make a way by pushing

shoulder blade shock dog demon
your clavicle is shoddy, second rate
with a very loud voice

who polishes shoes with a shoehorn
hell into shoe showy, showily
showdown shogun

the true state of things
suddenly let short rain fall
coming down like rain and rain

the game is preserved, general shrapnel
break or shop, visit the shop shrew
malicious shoplifter, crafty factory workers
etc coming near the truth shrewdly

donna kuhn 2006

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