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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fractured Dance


the paint sits down, this is a dream
lock the brown sky, the donkey morning
money or aviation, the sunset is washable

smog dog whelping at the mall
mike's invalid tacos

white space donkey tool

im not gonna ask u
because youre pretty
little paper ideas

i will publish this poem if u change it
i will publish this video if u change it
or i will change it for u

i dont feel the scream of europe
the virgin is down, she ran out
the backdoor with a quiet song
a manual, her wharf

she rollerblades away
sunset removen the white music
red elephant, their mouths, hairclips
mother walks but didnt
u fall, the music which
u leave, she is good
but i'm not, yellow paint
brown smog, go

a mummy with a shopping center

grieve like a wool dog

hat-filled smoke

hold me together

william burroughs with a wetsuit on

paper cops come and go

i'm no longer by the pier
apple, i've been brown

my paper knees, educated harness

i'm the fence material

i've done everything but burst here

she smiles like rollerblades

people, be patient
be quiet

the desert door runs into the forest
"johnny depp is hot"
candy before dinner

donna kuhn 2006


phaneronoemikon said...

william burroughs with a wetsuit on

is such a sweet funny cool line
i wish i had written it.

i may have to do a collage
on it
and dedicate it to you donna.

i've read two poems here tonight
and should probably read more
but i'm in nomad mode!


Chuck Leggett said...

This video is featured in Vlog Gumbo 13.