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Friday, March 09, 2007

Clean Teeth (altered book)


miriam is calm inside

install the experts, they arent lazy
dark ceramic songs
they can look like u

these paintings talk, they are capable of lessons

sheep are pulverized into the ground

a vat of gladys
tension and puppy songs
that man is mine
drink the domain of its pellets
chicago, china; sheep down
who destroys a body
sculpture fingers

gladys, your tablets are the man
your naked crushed cars
your enthusiasm is quiet

u are a radio, i dont care
im alone, i dont want to seem like bread

cool away the image
it pulverized itself
sheep meatballs want a city

china wants a radio
sheep are complaining
your songs are large and bubbly, miriam
when your drinks are me, its the form u want

poets want sound
the fire is a fire, youre the doctor of history

a penalty, we're cool, the buildings riot
u are little flowers, a dangerous boy

china is capable and merry
extreme gladys of miriam

eggs, flowers, meat, its cold and noisy

just leave me your history

bird pulverized into a toe

go talk to your equal

the sheep just want to be soft

your beverages are south tower tension

please lower your meant off songs

too may people do that

use any system plateau that is cool in alley u drink

donna kuhn 2007

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