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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Gets Easier (manipulated video still)


i am so what u hear
against pleasure
surrounded by meat

he does not waste her
i have speech
i have fists

my meat wastes me
your storms have your bicycle
your bicycle wastes storms

mental fruit
my cake is here

birds are crying her

we will be here
rag doll, i am grateful
for my interesting baby
signal her puppet

the situation refuses to drive
my church is a truck

a doll whose math is magazine valley
u play chicken and it tastes like birds

unable to dance like a late night dish
shake the trucks u hear


these birds are things that tax
these birds liked living here
like blocked animals

these birds shout u are albino handlebars
a city is crying out over its beautiful garbage

i live good against the night, conductor

whose math church makes your bicycle hear

walk like tortillas are albino guinea molders

dance against these mental trucks

here u play me the best chance for a rag doll
speech is a smoggy and troubled thing
the wife who u are tomorrow, the love thing
u taste my dolls and puppets

birds is here
its a torn dance
polish my yo

here it is less than night

my spiritual hair conditioner
conductor, u play my favorite
over here

my bad, it seems to be a
cake baking animal

i get the education
i am the grass
that found your floor

people fall, she is not here
dont get spiritual with me

these birds are my human baby

these birds are wind with birds in your garbage

she tastes like u dig the feasts
someone is lost and leaving storms

the church is always shaking her entire party

u embarrassed the entire cake

it's a measured look

i love these birds
against the situation

your cake baking thing is most ungrateful

donna kuhn 2007

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