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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pretty Soon (altered book page)


hey yolanda, fat cells made u eat the mirror
they made u close the eye time of the spoon
touch your face, apply eyeliner, it goes on fat
the eye of the smile

yolanda, this criterion which is not closed
u clear the smile with the smile
sabrina, her downturned countenance spins
smiling thing, shake your eyeliner
something sighs, the fat fat fat fat cell

hey yolanda, get going, more eyeliner
than these mirrors, she can spin
stay the toe fat socky
u wont see small yolanda
more eyeliner on your toe

she'll absolutely go to the end of time
these mirrors are her thing, your toe
your eyes; sabrina, tell me
pretend to go to your toe
your eyes, keep an eye
on your face

your face is a line, a spoon of the fat cell
toe fat joe, touch me, she pretends
to end this criterion, these mirrors
are her thing, sigh; hey, yolanda
this spoon in my fat cell

collect all yellow dry leaves
yolanda with your eyes closed
u close your elbowroom
its u, girl, in order to smile
e-mail your jaw glance
she'll absolutely go off
she's closed, it goes
on your eyes

your face is u
note her glance
rollbacks of fat eye
she can save your life
your eyeliner diet and bluecat
fat cell make-up ate the fat
she's these mirrors and something sighs
close your face, your face is unstuck
dry leaves or your diet and make-up
flame without flames, yolanda gets it together
dry yellow leaves and quality of probably

donna kuhn 2007

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