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Thursday, November 20, 2008

driving my whole not that

what i done all my speech did not to
get shattered i mean, window clarinets
i am thoughts on

my speech is me streaming
painter who writes parts of men
who are in women

perverted strike headers, compose yourself
you are long-haired art, duct hebrew just

tenure track, bossy and mean
line after everything, everything
full their dreams actually

search this word but

throw the curve, i know the difference

series of serious economics
hands to make with my voice
my aunt dreams of toes

climb an image on an image
my earring forgets

you with your eyes

my speech ignited the whole

a woman moves, take that

stay away from attachments, advertisements
the window dancers understand how i wake
up a poet in the spam folder

i would color the french, the russian said no

i want to know how far you'd go to twist that symbolism
you smile from your art, you know what is there

shallow water because wars are allergic

that fortress or knock

but you look and u stare at so personally

enough rolling around with dyed blondes

it seems u are the time, why it is

i have a city to decorate

guide my whole clarinets

trees in flames between the brows
the word i must mean
my head against you

and music--oh

where she is the web free of everything, everything

i hear he paints things, colors are optional

birth that box left and for some mirror

about my feet: they are not silver
this pink is physical, dancers are a joke

in your art
my my eyes

don't care i do
must be u

should live it over

next without thinking shoes on
drive my whole not that

those are mighty shallow water beings

i am unconcious birds and my feet saw pollock
i think i am safe in your head felt safe to the brain
inspiration or duct meditation

neurological studies burn when i feel romantic

three clarinets, a lot of light

thanks for the ambition and discipline

victoria's secret push-ups and i am so in my organs

singers, the deep
insulting the female climates

a woman moves a wall, please; so now chills beneath this

nowhere near chuck me in the soul
leave birds can't fly

the street is a stupid place, jack

i get numb speech

my laundry is grammar, hot pink nothing

the picture curls, click here

hot pink on and off

i'm shallow information on this
i am silence, i'm not in the mirror
i'm hormonal with black fire
mistakes and shadows

moving my eyes
build a fortress
run away

dear dee, i can laugh
fearful and emotionally fair

i was a vacancy etc

donna kuhn 2008

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