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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Your Wallet

your wallpaper eye is narcotic

raucous jetsons u stretched me

the night is writing chemtrails in your elevator
it sounds like smoke, a text message tells me
to cough, the room is in convulsions
the dark exists, a dance? a boat?

she entered with her waves landing
text messaging: why are these people
married? why do they drive like u?
who are u? i am a sea, i am a wing
the waves look like u and they are

you're impossible to preserve

whistle when u want tea, the west
shout when u just lie and blind

u are afraid and i don't talk and i don't glisten in the back like that

your chemtrails are a surplus of say

your heart says u are finished

tell me to light your parasites

dusk exists, it falls in your mind
if u want real authority get a door

speech viola

your head is full of i wished to know u in your wallet

please apologize to the vanguard
please apologize to yourself

why are u blinding your space boots?

do not sigh when your flying saucer is clean
i don't die and i don't listen to your wing personnel
expand on a penny when evil speaks

dont step on the stone-aged urchin

i don't kiss your smoking heart
whistle when you're mean

sob speech, your eye felt like a head
you're frightened and her rain falls
when the stone age is

donna kuhn 2008

1 comment:

phaneronoemikon said...

donna, i am so glad to see you writing! you are really the Yard VVarks Museamyl's !

the lines

your wallpaper eye is narcotic


your chemtrails are a surplus of say


dont step on the stone-aged urchin

just seem like
my own

pinky pliny tea finger's asylum!