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Saturday, December 06, 2008

sound sounds like it does heard

flight control eyebrow, come here
with your many women and your
controversial face

cubist chiropractor, u are flying around

my eyes will her, a hill lies like this

a girl called face
u are stained
i was 19

picasso has me but i'm curious
with my cousin and with your
economic knees

bark at your brilliant brain disturbance, i really will

monkeys are on tv
acting like birds
fill your own driver's seat

secure a public witness

aliens with crippled dreams and skipping points of

your perverted voice and your dream hands; i appreciate your scar

bird skin, it is cool

i heard about your when why

nice lips, the hills are back

kaballah blockbusters

spirulina of the bird
skip your bird wounds

reverse racism, ambitious algorithm

3 clarinet hills integrated grief freak

cancerous yo-yo convulsions

the trees are intent, the light is upset

sound sounds like it does heard

chill at your yo-yo conference

u sound like a needle in hill light

now go, seeking out a little more insight

next time wash your have not heard

trembling tesserae

you're cornered

i'm painting the eye so hand it over

bird skin for your arms

u scare me or i accept your broken offer

hitler skips and explores open spaces

your face is a pamphlet that avoids belize

there's nothing there, a religious pamphlet

the morning barks i want more

your bird comes in eyebrows

your face is a fortress around a joke

this is not picasso

jack, without thinking u take an elevator or two

i fill your face with birds

hitler skips over u

a mosaic e-mail stops your tongue

i'm painting your tongue inside my laundry toes

your hills hiss and the birds can't comment

u were broken; i was cheap

this is your last flying saucer

birds bring bandages for two: avoid yourself

bluebird laundry forest, hebrew jetson grief

belize is upset with your religious cornbread

a colored station wagon figures it out

u sound like someone elses lips

the tv is acting like it doesnt miss a thing

barking clarinet convulsion

donna kuhn 2008

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