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Friday, January 23, 2009

iced a girl with her own mind

iced a girl with her own
iced in this hot sexy that
do u have any other body
viral lingerie, heart whities,
body of food

iced a girl with her own mind
he confuses taste with all this
tragedy, get confused, are u
a person very

all tragedy is iced

the men o large men
he intermediate he
the tow of the skin

the face of the bred body
the cold tone, real staff
intermediate it, the real
era, the relative tragedy
the nude skin someone

your conjugal co-operation
would not bring in one
even the virus of whities
naked skin anybody

before he was this sexy needle
have cold sound to be like so small
he really, he was mean

higher body of girl, tightly of slipway
all the mysterious underclothing
of the person o considered

the female next to the skin
the virus of her itself
very important, that sexy

shirtless guys, tighty whities
do u have any other skills
or are u willing to learn
communicate through
a body

consider a person very important
to u, a sewing needle was found
in his food, he is chased by mysterious
underwear learners; it wasn't so long
ago that

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