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Sunday, January 18, 2009

she decides the helmet on u

when youre not kayaking in the dream, whatever

u are the top of we love haters
hit me up, hey babe, show me this
something is rotten, little wonder

she decides the helmet on u
thunder will never scare
my rainbow, fall into my
sack, baby

edit my languid feeling hotels
your forehead is a promiscuous baby

if its beautiful it suffers, i dont belive u
i dont buy too many stuffed cheeses

i know where im going
i know im in the southwest
let's walk to santa fe and see
if its dusty

u need consequences
send me your koi ponds

lock antarctica up
send me a dead seal
break my mean dream alarm

come on out and party with me
i want to scare u again, sam
plus her forehead is humongous

when u escaped from the vomitorium u killed jesus
this inner southwest, i think u should putter


Matt said...

"she decides the helmet on u
thunder will never scare
my rainbow, fall into my
sack, baby"

Every man longs to hear these words.

"if its beautiful it suffers"

Wow. Forced to think. I'm falling deeper, deeper ... it's a spiral, I can't get out ... I'll be back.

Donna Kuhn said...

thanks for your comments again, matt. most of this poem is a google poem so i would not actually say those things.

i tried to backchannel you re. some of your comments but could not find your address on your blog.

Matt said...

" i would not actually say those things."

But you did say them. I'm only kidding. I don't even use my name when I write creatively ... it's not that I mind people knowing I write stuff; I just don't want people to confuse
how-I-could-be with how-I-choose-to-be, something like that ...

I added my address in the about section of my blog. Thank you for checking.

Your blog is excellent.