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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the moon is unwelcoming

i blame your smiling horse backpacks when my vision is exploding

the emperor's blurred tears, my heart sinks your parameters
my knight, u flowered off one, u smile like blame, u smile

take three, off duty, the slowest quicksand; off duty, i sent u flowers

i sent u a haunting purple bloom mistake
take 3 mushroom moons in the desert

i wont play havoc with the moon is desolate
u smile and the moon is bad, the argument

why write on mushroom caps
dont i give when u blame your
parameters, u people in my

i send u hills and valleys as if in not grey
your flowers and crazed bus drivers
bitter, dusty, the moon is parameters
take all there is, knight, don't blame
my shining aura

i must be the responsibility of the dark, the moon's smile
flower off, spreading my lips, my parameters are scary
the moon is a woman, woman, the moon is barren
she tumultously craved a horseman

it's not obvious, scarf grey sea

knight in his left eye, blame the horseman, this weird light

the moon is there

powdery moon, the knight in shining u

my dog apple world, your mushroom baby, one fallen skeleton
smile like a smile was hostile, your flowers flower off duty
when curving in, when u aura

the moon is unwelcoming

i dont blame be wonderful
i dont blame, wouldnt blame u

i dont blame my eye is wrong

donna kuhn and amy trussell

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Matt said...

Neat images.