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Monday, March 09, 2009

jesus is in the snow for free

jesus is in the snow for free
raffle into it, xmas each other
ted rocks and u dont draw
simon cowell is snowmobiling
sam has icy blue hair chasing
a smile mutually

words i wont clean
its always in the bird
stick it up like its heaven

clean me a bird with blue hair
we are a lake and scott has mountains
the place is grunting, fire eats scotts

i prefer ted's cloud while alan skis
fernando steams, ernie wants my
bunny mold

dan is a plastic european
he wakes the empty is
extremely on when i near

ted turns u a loan and kills someones mist
terry is grunting and u are flooding
glenn is solvang, is it

i let myself up for a should pull
i have a mechanical meant it

simon cowell is jesus
birds stick to my self-critical stove
hollywood is drinking someones sky
mel is hot sand and what to do with
jesus bird, i'm back

she wont name the empty dont come near

blue is my own religion pizza

damp dick has blue hair
its like chasing a horse in the desert
jesus is in the blue desert
everyone starts crying in a
ridiculous place

the place is grunting for freedom
far from somwhere, the empty
someone pulls u anymore
gary snacks on it like heaven

he wasn't in the sleet with errands
she is with the nutrients and ted
is thinking of that, i wont ask
why your antelope is blue

solvang skis while fernando steams

ynez is wet , i say it
she towns in the

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