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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

unemployed fruit

ask the mist under the artist if youre already a cadillac toe

i am alive with gotcha, i'm moving, rainy blue winter, the moon

the sky is blue, wont u clean it

everyone hopes they do not become the refrigerator

virginia ate a light so far from its heaven

i could use some help, lady

multi-media christ who flashes the trees

go ahead, be a sky before the moon paints
my dont know what like mechanical woods

granola glaciers fell from the sky

i didnt want your sound

my religion is a duck in the closet

touch the sky clean and she's a pear flashlight

eat your gatorade

the sky knows u bleed a white thing

i dont grunt blue raincoats

go ahead, be a mess
go ahead, be a light fixture
go head, be a woman

whisper glaciers of u

now go make some disgusting pie

your toe is with a bitchy fixture

drink your gutter, say its red, its blue, its unemployed fruit

i'm back and i wont ask

so far

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