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Thursday, April 30, 2009

my lemon thanks you (for DD)

my shoes were hypnotized by youth

warning: try to wake up tomorrow

i've never puttered thanks to you

my lemon staggered; thank you, i'm ruined

the orchard thanks you

my lemon thanks you


my lemon arrives

the dust thanks you


how i thank you before the rotten lemon

get back to me, warning fuse

we are my ruination

i even try to putter around in eternity

with william blake also sighing

just to wake the now! 

the dust, the dust, the dawn

lemon blossoms stuck to this very e-mail

don't you see what you've done

we are a staggered song when the lemon arrives

i thank u in the garden and in eternity

my lemon staggered in the sondheim dawn

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