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Friday, April 24, 2009

please take off your sweater and more

i won't take a lot of time to drag coal
u aren't my senior paralysis
please refer to your 90 minutes
it's actually a disease

be the savior of disease 8
if the disease is too hopeful
please take off your sweater
and more, i hope we will be
doomed together

to lead the life of me, understand my schedule
the time it takes to write an unfortunate answer

u can see anything, kismet alameda
1 day involved the sea paralytic
after my lover

miracles occur as little vacations
we can store anything for 20 minutes

take a red sea paralytic
after that we won't see
a beautiful and where
i wanted u, call me to
line up, i'm desperation

and as a jew i don't see you

call me a whore
call me a whore

i like my miracles when they occur as little vacations
after that we won't see a beautiful beautiful woman

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