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Friday, May 22, 2009

it is your sky

black train koo i go to sleep and thump your text

if this moon doesnt have a left toe, the toe is greedy

meow to moses, the snow was black and gold

dust my anguish

fire my nylon with a thump of a rock star

emo is run by the govt. of fire

sit on my coat, my ankle is


bird, rich red; mosquitos cut the red

pirana, do this; pirana xmas fish curve

u want to whiten your money

wear a black nailed koala

your dad and the trees, follow the sargeant

here is my dust

my people and children

lost children

beat the steering wheel

of the machine here

bacon, blue nails, u were blue?

u thought a crawlspace should do?

stretch your ankle bag

my name tags

keys in my purse

my lost meow

the baby is lost and bubble-punk

black rain platitudes in my crawlspace

the grave of somebody

i learned how to punch

i found your moon

your dollars

i beat the keyhole

of your church

hunger we can boil

your insatiability

follow the money

i am the dust, the fire, the air

your country meows

u are running, maria

and it is your sky

tomb red, red, provide all the rain

he heard the cry of a bird in the moon

my left toe is your crawlspace

she and a thump

1 comment:

Biknoko said...

omg this is socool! it reminds me of when i start to fall asleep, little random fragments of sentences like that run through my head.