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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

god is in east new york

i do the can can in the dark

at dusk i start throwing things

it's never twilight, next door

starts crying

god is in east new york

u are talking about a mountain

and he is a shoemaker, his transactions

are perceived kneecaps

your angry plumeria flower says hello

i don't care, u deadlocked witch

thieves are this poet and that winter, freezing

deal out your beautiful document, your newt

my canal is translucent chamomile that sings paper

susan, hello; i cook or attack canals, i care about

the wrong soap in honda town. susan, it is dusk

it can have u

u kiss my tissue iphone, the ring throbbed

in government closet moods, i am feeling

thematic in my head

thematic is lifesaving ugliness, good

i used your canal, your honda can't tell

u how the morning is myself that

chamomile, the mountain where closet moods

i am grateful and cold

my boat trembles

in my school traditions

i am in your database

soybean ceiling scar

wounded this coffee

i am looking for rubber angels

its true, i am paralyzed and i am

looking, u search the coffeehouse

this perceived scaffolding loot

u are tiny houses

a storm in hello

the soybean is

next door

hello mended octopus plumeria

hello thing, scowl; can u?

the iphone says hello

not the ash of this flower

life-saving e-book on

your lawn

i am an iphone

help me

tire dreamer, stay

hello this poet is equipped

thematic doris loot newt

i am your foolish lawn

i am very fresh

it is the future and i am it

i get twilight in new york

and i am your lawn

i oil your accordian

hello, this is the trembling

shrine blackening of stormy

u are soy and i am not legal

my chamomile, it's winter, the mountain

i am business

i am chamomile

i search for rubber hunters

i sleep with strangers for revenge

i tell him he's andalusian

dark, deadlocked, quipped

the sidewalk is walking

the sidewalk says hello

i dance everywhere

wang to my disabilities

my lawn is cold, my marvelousness

your soy coffee scowls so

something about czechoslovakia

i drought your accordian kneecaps

i am singing in the shower, to the lawn

to the mountain, the e-book equipped

with salamander cremate reprinting newt

from your wounded standpoint a spice is corkscrewed

i am no tomorrow talking about your database

u stall and i am grateful

overlord lemon possum

accordian disabilities

ring in it

i do not cremate your corkscrewed honda anathema

i feel i am octopus 105th hello

i am and i cannot stop

animals are so walking on somebody's thing

ring my head on fire, introduce me

u foolish thing

i used to care

why are u flat

my iphone mouth

octopus, playful octopus; i am on fire

i used to knob u

look at the angel ash

soy cremate reprinting head

i am your ugliness, do

i am for the rubber mountains in my head

i am the dreamer for somehow

i used to don't care in the shower

i sing about coffee, i do not blame

themselves; treasure, i can't tell

your database

hello, my get thru

i am the morning tree

i have things, i am a

riot of hello

ring about coffee soybean does not foolish perceived kneecap meagerness

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