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Thursday, July 16, 2009

use the brush for me

i was a silent paintbrush

my virginity thinks for me

your shopping cart is somewhere

i am the shopping cart for a second

i am the cart

i lied to my shopping cart

it yawns with purity

i am leaving against the silence

i am silent somewhere

my crippled cart always

said i am silent

always silent

you'll need me


i am the addict who is silent for my purity

i am silent, my lying addict brush

i think you'll need me hardened

i am getting hooked, a paintbrush

in another state, always silent

in another

i yawn, yawn for u

silent in a gone way

who is the cart

the moon, my grandfather is a crippled cart

u are getting hooked on furniture

the moon may cut and i am

leaving the brush for u

my hardened brush


my junky furniture

i was a time u think of as silent

the moon i am silent

my grandfather thinks

i should be divorced


-donna kuhn and jan edward vogels

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