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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

learn to live like ice on mars

i like his mouth; i will live on mars.

u make his bed and go skating.

his bed and his eyes. his mouth

in his bed and the thing u mean.

this is permanent housing. u made

the bed and everything is u.

u like it. u have teeth myself.

it looks like his mouth is me.

facebook is the base of everything.

i need to know what tooth at this

moment looks like ice.

learn to look like ice. u look like steel.

u look like a steel bed and now a pail.

it looks like the ice age so misuse it.

now he goes girl mouth, his bed

and the bucket completely.

u look like ice on mars. oh god, the base

of myself. he was here in his bed and

now he's gone.

i hope his nose doesn't fall off. no nose.

no nose. his nose will live on forever.

his nose is no longer talented. end-stage


shovel everything. agree with my ice pail.

that mouth and that tooth. he is the bucket

which agrees with my ice.

make his bed and present he is. this is

visual elephant ice-skating. with this bed

at this moment. looks like u about me.

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