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Monday, December 21, 2009

u want to take my feel

u say that u want to take my feel

and i am unusual and regret u

melt your workforce

melt your workflow

serve it flyboys health

bake the internet

internet internet

we both knew it would be a long time

before anyone ever called me beautiful


workflow served me and held me close

u say your towel family has a digital ass

u cry i am the ugliest person, u can fill

me again; i am the internet internet internet

no one can ever fill me beautiful again

u call me before anyone ever meets a mutt like joe

just hold me before anyone ever meets a mutt like joe

and some people have houses with tivo power

your workforce melts and appreciates a towel cry

man, u can fill the economy with your universal

finance construction; satellite me again, everyday

is goodwill refresh and truthful; u are beautiful

and i cry software

u should've run like an executive; the table always

kisses me; refresh your digital ass, snack on your

entrepreneurs; melt your sorry thing; i secure

fresh transactions, 871 years of apron health

a mutt likes things u cry; i haunt the content

of marriage is light, i would've been u and

i could've been more; just hold me close

and nothing could ever cry, you're a mutt

named joe; u kiss me voom slowly

u kiss me


Anonymous said...

I think of Burroughs, reading this.

Donna Kuhn said...

heard the comparison before, thank u--as long as i don't look like him!