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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nice people are sinking

horseman, would u be living in this earth

we hope u will be living in this earth

would u be living in the livingroom

the inviting earth

the rhinoceros of the guinea pig

the wind is new because of me

i love it; it can be ruinous

the wind is strange

strong is this time

u hear in flight

u feel the


would u bed my laptop

my nasal cash is gray

the rhinoceros of decaf

thanks, i'm in

u feel she is flight

u feel the living

in this ear

the rhinoceros wind, my only, u feel the floor

nice people are sinking; i love it, it has cushions

and doesn't ski in the pollution

shoot the inviting earth

u feel the living earth

u are my laptop falling to the floor

would u bed my earth, i'm in your

laptop; the wind is strange and

strong this time; u hear it can be

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