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Sunday, July 04, 2010

chasing teeth

one feels and shoots birds

i lost my heart more softly

than i lost my jaw

my teeth stick to your teeth

my heart is clicking

i make elephants

i send a way of talking

i lost your heart cheese

i left home, my knees are happening

i am a knee, send the jaw birds rain

i lost the city, i force myself

sometimes i lost your stick

u drink kittens, teeth vodka

pixies;sometimes i lost the

rain with a vodka brush

chasing teeth

my jaw lost force

the rain is clicking

i feel blown down

title blubber so severely

send your teeth heart

apples and the right

tools, your one one

send volunteer wings

sometimes i title blubber

television brains, cheese

and apples; the fact that

television is dressed in


please drool over my drinks

i lost god for two years

the birds lost my relief

the pink; please send



Doug said...


p.s. hi

Doug said...


p.s. hi