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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the last time i worried about japan

your face is on trial

in a sweepstakes

you're already spending

it like you're east of charlie


ninety people lost their lives

looking for an acrobat as

others prosper

a man is chasing a tsunami

i have lost significant parts

of september; we lost 11

years in your land

the wife is the capitol of my

heart attacks; this land is

nuclear reactors, the last

time i worried about japan

blow-dryer free, 2 offshore people

with ethics and song detention

i lost my wife international

i look for my wife and search

planet earth, i lost my wife house

i am him, a father, peak oil

everything is sweepstakes

no life; i lost my son, the study

shows i got to ride no better

i am lost in my needlework

one time united states has heroes

for hire, everything they reach for

toilet biography with comics in hand

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