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Monday, April 11, 2011

the easiest way to take your breath away

i am on the freeway saying go baby's head

the baby elephant wants to go to taos

wc fields is growing on the freeway

i want the fields of u

to find one reason for

team schedules

i am network power

i am the lax forum

i am nearly every page

alcohol quotes in the

sun and fog

the easiest way to take your breath away

sheila may be out to break their dreams

your fields were original and so long

to ya

i am on baby names and top banana hair variations

i miss freedom, i am having free bestiality, u are a

good time and u are easier than tarrytown

wheel of fortune descending and a sweater is a beer

i want, i didnt drink darts but i'm going back to my

favorite puzzles in the valley; go to the gold fields

and give fog to out-of-the-way topeka which was

forced to live on the golden gate bridge

coincidence is pure as people

play trout elephants on your

short website and u can't go back

dancing small on the top of don't

miss iowa don't drink monster

numbers and baby monkeys

in st. louis, a curtain of each


wc fields is one similar lolita valve

the king of the saloon is shot

i want diaper dandy people

batman betty is growing in


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