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Saturday, May 07, 2011

catch my it in your ghost

i am descending as an e-mail windex expert
i iron your brain, i knock on my car in my
sandpaper suit and i am a wand

u wash the stage like a brainwashed online dictionary

i am not industry and i don't google zombie knows best
i am overwhelmed and i am willing to iron your pants
with bloody purpose

u were supposed to hum and help me
i am willing to want control and i speak
to your parasites for 3 days

catch my it in your ghost
my chemicals are parked
in your language and i iron
your elephants

u have a voice; u are going to drink darts
your tickets are in the sun, u would be safer
than a doorknob, catch me if u can't

i let u go, i iron your talent
and someone else's aquarium
thanks u

i will break their dreams in your valley
i am willing to break their dreams

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